My Paintball page

I first went paintballing in 1997 in Southern Oregon with rental guns. We (my brother, dad, and I) used the Tippmann prolite and two Kingman spyders your average rentals at the time. Since then I have bought a gun several CO2 tanks and a JT xfire mask. My suggestion for anyone that uses much paint is to find some people that are willing to buy several cases (2000rnds) at a time from an online shop. This saves a lot of money.
I'm not really sure but the first gun you use may have an effect on the guns you buy. I bought a used Tippmann prolite, I liked the shotgun style, unfortunately I think I'm the only one. Even the pro/carbine has a normal pistol grip. I recently bought a Tippmann A-5. I chose this gun because it has the tippmann indestructibility and I like the new 'Cyclone feeder system'. I've ordered a PMI Steel 68ci 3000psi N2/HPA system. When I get it I'll comment on how well it works and what I think of it.

My Marker setup:

A-5 w/RTArmson StealthJ&J CeramicLapco Bigshot20oz CO2HPA Steel 68ProcarbinePro-liteA-5 Hopper Mod
Heres some pictures of one of the paintballing trips I took with a bunch of the guys I went to college with: paintballing 101, prep for fire, fords true purpose, BAIT Threat, GBACHO friendlyfire, SCOTT Nutshot, My head shot

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