Welcome to my home page

Welcome to my homepage. There is a little about me and some links to things I have an interest in. For any good stuff however youíll have to contact me and get the links for that.
My interests include: biking both motor and sweat propelled on and off road, snowboarding and skiing, hiking (with or without rucksack and weapon) however no kevlar, swimming, paintballing I do both but Iím more of a woodsball/tactical person, rappelling, rafting, camping, soccer, football, basketball, reading future and past Iím not too into the present, computers (obviously), computer gaming, and do it yourself projects.
I ETS'd with 8 years in the United States Army Infantry on the 2nd of April 2005. Iím driving a Toyota Landcruiser right now, its an 85í FJ60. My first truck was an 87 standard cab Toyota pickup which I traded "up" for an 84í Excab Toyota pickup, and now Iím driving the Landcruiser. If you are interested in seeing my rigs and what I have done and currently am doing check it out here.
Places I have been: Canada, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Sinai, the Great Pyramids (Cairo), Mt Sinai, diving in the Red Sea, and throughout the United States.

Updated 01/17/2011. Link updates.

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My Mount Sinai trip.

My paintballing interests and equipment.