A-5 Hopper Mod

This is my quick fix to the flat front end of the A-5's hopper.
I used a tennis ball but I'm sure there are other balls that will fit just as well. An important thing to remember when using a tennis ball is the variations in size. I put 5 tennis balls on the hopper and one was to big and three of them were to small (see the first picture). I took a marker and divided the ball in half and cut it. I used my Kbar to cut the ball, any sharp knife will work I just like that one (see the second and third pictures). If there aren't any tennis balls around small enough to fit the hopper then the ball can be cut so the smaller end fits. I'm not sure if its easier to shave the tennis ball before or after it's cut, I did it afterwards. I would recomend shaving it for two reasons. One it just looks better and two its less for the paintballs to get a grip on. After I cleaned up the ball I put it on the hopper to make sure it was the right size around the base (see the fifth picture). Also look at the ball on the hopper from the top, after all thats the angle the paintball will be coming from. I did this to make sure none of the hoppers end was showing. In the sixth picture I didn't take the shot from directly above the ball so part of the hopper's end is showing. After making sure the ball fit right I colored it. Don't bother using spray paint thats what the side of the ball looks like. I had to use a marker on the top part. What would probably work the best is shoe dye, I just didn't have any laying around. After coloring the ball I leveled the cut end of the ball to make it flat to seal better with the hopper when it was time to glue it. I used the same razor I used to shave the ball. Although I'm sure sanding it would would as well. After I got the cut end level I super glued it to the front of my hopper (see the seventh picture).
I still plan to put caucking around the edge to fill in the gap but thats just cosmetic. I'll be sure to update when I do get around to it.

Ball/Hopper match Marking the ball Cutting the ball
Ball halves How the ball fits the hopper Fitting the ball half to the hopper
Super gluing the ball to the hopper